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Jim Bahne

“I would like say to all of you Independent Used Car Dealers in Colorado, Our company has done business with Jerry Diesel for many years. Besides representing the highest quality automotive service contract company, Royal Administration Services, Jerry is a real servant to his dealers and their customers. He will go out of his way to help any dealer or customer regardless of the time of day or night. “

Jerry boldly insists his dealers give his personal contact information to purchasers of service contract policies at the time of delivery, because he never wants a customer to be stranded with a car problem and have no one to call. He is a tireless worker who can professionally train dealership employees in all aspects of the car business, from the Service Department, Sales Department and Finance Department.

Jerry has a wonderful sense of humor, dedication to excellence and the ability to work with anybody. Jerry is one of those rare types who always seems to leave people with a solution to their Automotive problem and a smile on their face.

Jane Tony Lopez -Cindi Brown

“A deep heart thank-you for all you did to help on Tony’s behalf with getting a refund trough his warranty with Buyer’s Choice. At the beginning, we both felt used and taken advantage of when he had to have transmission work done and it became a mess with being without a vehicle – the main office not returning phone calls to get pre-approval then being denied payment.

We were set to get an attorney and cancel the warranty insurance. Until Gary at Legacy Auto’s – where Tony bought the pick-up gave us your name and number and said “IF ANYONE WILL HELP – JERRY IS THE PERSON.” He was so right even though you told us this wasn’t your job – you went beyond and made it happen.


For the numerous phone calls and hours spent on those calls – you got us our faith restored and Tony’s money returned. A thank you is not enough but do know we appreciate the hard work and extra mile you put out for us, and if we ever have a problem again we know just who to call.”


Cindy Konold – Very Satisfied Customer!

Lindy Konold – Very Satisfied Customer!

” I appreciated so much your polite and concerned manner when I phoned you on Friday, October 15, with my frustration / questions regarding Buyer’s Choice Warranty Company and the transmission repair on our 1994 Dodge Caravan.

It was a great deal of help having you as our advocate to work with the repair shop and Buyer’s Choice to come to an agreement (favorable!) on payment for repairs.

Not only did the situation work out, but the amount paid was increased I didn’t have to come up with the money First and be reimbursed – as Buyer’s Choice dictated initially.

You explained the warranty coverage to me clearly and expedited the repair and payment.

It is great to have our Van Back!

Kiawa Lewis


I bought a 2004 Audi A4. Since having it for several months now, it has needed a water pump & thermostat, timing belt & tension’er, and has
had a major Transmission problem !

Through all of those problems, I thought AfterMarket Concepts LLC & “Buyers Choice” was going to be like the rest of the warranty companies that I had previously purchased, like Fedelis or Alpha or Elite, which did not help me with my other vehicle & was being so dis- honest when I was trying to get Help ! Jerry Diesel helped me with locating the proper mechanics for the work and Royal Administration Services Inc.

Warranty paid close to $4800.00 for these issues.

Buyers Choice has been extremely helpful and honest throughout all of the problems that I’ve had. They’ve never cheated me, as a matter of the fact : they went out of their way to help me when they found out I was a college student and had no family here in Colorado, where I live.
Just recently my motor began to run poorly & I had it checked out. It turns out that the crank shaft is vibrating & has caused major lower end problems. Again I contacted Jerry Diesel a real stand up guy and he & the mechanic discussed the motor situation. Jerry then contacted Mr. Chris Amico, one of the main people at Royal Administration, who stood up for me & got me a $3250.00 approval towards this repair !
Jerry has extremely good ties with everyone in the company and they all are the TRUE definition of the word TEAM !!

I just want to say Thanks to EVERYONE for the assistance & positive results. Jerry and the staff always gave me ENCOURAGMENT that it was ALL GOING TO BE ALRIGHT !

I’m Not lying, this is a True story ! THESE Guys are THE BEST !!

Kyle Koelliker

Myself and my S-10 truck want to Thank Jerry with the most sincerity.

I had owned my truck for about 4 weeks and only traveled about 1000 miles when
it started to give me a bit of grief, while trying to use the 4 wheel drive during a bad snow
storm. I  then called from my cell to Mr. Jerry Diesel to ask him how to operate my 4 wheel
drive, while being stuck. He answered my call and began teaching me how to properly use
it. After getting it to engage, I was able to get back on my way to my home without any
problems. Shortly there after while driving , I heard a noise that sounded like metal
grinding, while driving in 4 wheel drive, as we were having another major snow
storm. When I took it into the transmission shop to see what the noise was the outlook was
dreadful, the transfer case was in serious trouble. The next few days I spent a lot of time on
the phone and I continued to get the same answer that no one at the Dealership would help
with these repairs. However, My Father and I went to the Dealer where I bought this
vehicle and by some stroke of luck, I was able to meet my warranty rep. in person, a man by
the name of  Mr. Jerry Diesel. When it seemed to me like there was no help for my little
truck, he offered to assist me and refused to let my case slip through the cracks. I heard
back from Mr. Diesel nearly everyday with updates on what he had accomplished and the
outlook was looking better each day. In a matter of days he had found a way to get Buyers
Choice Warranty Company to cover a large sum of the repairs. I plan on taking my newly
repaired truck on a long trip from Denver, CO to Whitefish, MT. – where I will be living for
the next several months. These plans of mine would not have been possible without Mr.
Diesel’s support and refusal to give up. He has given me optimism that the little guy does
not always have to be undermined or taken advantage of.

Mike Burgio

Essex Motors

I thought that you might like to know that my report from our Dealership shows what your Warranty can do for a small business like
ours. We made much more profit than years before and have much happier customers because of the Warranty paying for needed repairs. Go ahead and let Your other Dealers know what they are Missing out – when they Do Not Sell your Warranty on their Deals. Whether it is a
3 month or 3,000 mile Plan – to an Extended longer term Plan – these plans allow our Customer’s to have much more faith in their purchase of a used vehicle from us.

In Addition :

You provide a great Service to our customer’s and have Helped us with our CSI . We have become more profitable because of you handling the Claims and Questions in such a timely manner and reducing our after sale costs .

Chad Shane - CU Direct Connect

Director of Sales
I wanted to confirm that CUDC is currently accepting the service
contracts that your company, Aftermarket Concepts LLC.
provides for all of our 400 + dealerships with the exception of
our AAA dealers. These are the new dealers on the program that
we require our service contract plan to be used. As you know we
are in the process of evaluating all service contract providers to
provide a better list to our dealers that sell aftermarket plans.


Designer | Proprietor | A.A.G.G.

My name is Brian and I am writing to thank two men and a company who went out of their way to
help my family this year. I’m told that you’re the man who should hear my story.
I was broadsided this summer, and eventually my car was totaled by insurance. It took a lot of
carpooling and a couple extra months to save enough money to buy a replacement. Nothing too special,
just a solid set of wheels to get us from one place to another. You can imagine, then, how devastated we
were to see the transmission fail after just three months of ownership. Repair estimates ranged from
$4900 – 6200, exceeding our purchase price. The news hit like a ton of bricks. But, as it turned out, we
were actually pretty lucky.
During the transaction, my salesman (Steve @ Colorado Motor Car) encouraged me to purchase a
Warranty from Royal Admin. I called him to explain the circumstances and ask advice, he promptly
directed me to Jerry Diesel (Royal Admin, Northern Colorado Field Rep). I cannot say enough about the
kindness Jerry showed. He offered a calm a reassuring voice and even helped me find a little perspective
during a very stressful time. He is proficient in his work, but also proved to be a good man and an
excellent representative for your company.
We spoke by phone to review my plan; he thought about the options in front of us and suggested I
reach out to Chris Amico (Royal Admin, Inside Sales Support) who was equally supportive. Within 48hrs,
Royal had increased my award to cover repair costs through a local shop. There were no hoops to jump
through, no conditions. Chris used the tools at his disposal to help out a family in need and I could not
be more grateful.
I suppose this praise may seem “over the top,” but I believe the overall quality of customer service these
days to be in a nationwide free-fall. It seems like everyone is just trying to avoid customers much less
help them. Jerry and Chris are stellar examples of how things should be. They were willing to offer a kind
ear, professional tone and an honest effort to straighten out a situation gone awry. Those are traits
worth acknowledging.
To Jerry and Chris: Thank you, truly. I’m not sure you can understand what a difference this made for us.
I promise to “pay it forward” on your behalf.
To Royal Admin: These men take their work and roles seriously… They serve your customers with
dignity and at an uncommon level, be proud to have them within your ranks.
To all involved, thank you kindly and have a wonderful holiday season!

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